Just imagine this.  One day you get a call and the caller is someone in the hospital or someone at your door is a police officer telling you that your loved one has suddenly passed away.  You are need to go to the hospital to claim or identify the remains of your loved one.  What happens when this happen?  You are in shock, you are lost and you do not know what to do, who to call, who to look for.  This happen on a daily basis.  So now the next question is how, what should i do?  Then suddenly out of nowhere an “angel” popping out of nowhere and tell you everything will be settled.   Then when everything is said and done, the bill comes along and you get a shock of your life.  “Why so much?”  “How come so expensive?”  You try to confront the “Angel” now turn “Devil”  but the only answer is you wanted this product and that product.  Its been shown to you.  you agreed on it.  Finally you have no choice but to pay up because you sign the contract.  So here are some tips that will help you to handle your emotions better.

1. Do not entertain such “Angels”.  Take your time to clam down first before deciding on which funeral company to call. Know your budget. Usually hospitals allow you up to 2 hours before either letting the police take over or they will transfer the remains to the fridge so you can take your time to decide whats best for you.

2. Know that there your budget but be prepared that it may exceed at times because you could have forgotten some details and you want to add more to your package.  Always communicate with the funeral director regarding your budget and check if there is a need for extra money to be paid.

3. Different funeral companies have different prices so be sure you get to talk to at least 2 to 3 companies before deciding on what you want.  If you have already decided on what you want but you maybe looking for another option this will be good for you as well.

4. Different companies has different billing system.  Some companies require you to pay the full amount for the package immediately and then bill you again for consumables.  Some companies will require to pay a deposit upfront and the remaining at the end of the funeral and some will get to you pay everything at the end of the funeral so check with the company you want to engage before you decide on what is best for you.

5. Always remain clam and decide.   At times you will face unnecessary feedback from friends, relatives and even family members (very common) the only way is to just remain clam and let the matter rest.  The main focus is to remember and mourn for the deceased in you own way.


For more information or you would like to find out more, you can always email us @ lifeplanner33@gmail.com or just call us at 98668642







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