planningver the pass couple of weeks, i have been ask many questions regards to pre-planning and is there really a need to do pre-planning.  So i am going to try to answer as many questions as possible to help my readers to have a clearer understanding.  So here is goes.

1. I have insurance to pay for my funeral and distribute to my love ones.

Yes, insurance is the first part of pre-planning however, money will not come in immediately.  Usually it takes between 2 weeks or more for the money to be in. However in cases of sudden death or suspected foul play or even suicidal cases, it could take up to 1 year or more and not all insurance can cover certain illness so i do strongly suggest you check with your insurance agent on the claims for further claifications.  As for Funeral services, some funeral companies expect you to pay 100% upfront or an an amount of 20-50% upfront and the remaining at the end of the funeral.  So if lets say you can claim from insurance 2 weeks later and you do not enough money, it could lead you to certain unnecessary stress.

2. What then is the actually process of planning?

Its actually 4 simple steps.  Insurance, Will & Estate Planning, Funeral Planning and finally where do you want to place your remains either by burial or cremation.  For cremation you have consider either a government columbarium or a private columbarium.

3.  When should i plan?

Anytime as long as you know what are you doing and have a clear mind.   Nothing is predictable.  Never wait for the last min as there will be times when you might miss out a few details.

4. I want to do Funeral Pre-Planning what should i look out for?

2 things you have to take note.  The History of the company and what backing does have the company.   Most importantly everything must be done in writing so as to protect yourself.

5. Is Will Writing and Estate Planning a need and its it very expensive?

I would say its important to do it as its legally bound however, people can still challenge it.  Which is why i highly encourage everyone to have 2 trusted friends or people to be there during the drafting as they will act on the behalf of you when you have pass on.  Usually Will Writing and Estate Planning cost about $250 and above depending on the company / lawyer.

6. If i do not want to Will Writing and Estate Planning then what other options do i have?

Write it down and pass it to 2 people whom you trust the most to act on your behalf.  Never attempt to WhatsApp or text your final wishes to them as it will not be enough to cover them.

7. Whats the need of Pre-Planning?

Its to give you a peace of mind.  I also have an article of Pre-Planning, you are highly encourage to read it as well.

8. What does LifePlanners do then?

At LifePlanners, we have insurance agents, Will & Estate Planners, Funeral Directors / Companies on standby.   Funerals can be expensive and sometimes people feel that Funeral Companies over charge which results in very bad reputation on the companies.  So what LifePlanners do is we sit down with you before or when things happen and we look into your budget and we advice you accordingly.  We understand that things happen very quickly at times and there is no time to react especially when there is a case of sudden death.  We have dealt with such cases as before so just leave everything to us handle and what you need to do is just mourn in your own way.  Death is a process we all have to go through and the whole planning process takes time as well so rest assured we will be with you from the beginning till the end of the process where your loved one has rested properly at their final resting place or when you say so. Finally the golden question everyone like to ask is do does our partners hang around at mortuaries around Singapore or do we tout.  NO!! We do not have so much time to do such things and we are not allowed to as well.  I understand and have heard there is still companies doing such things however, LifePlanners do not and will never do such things.  We take things very seriously as its an offence to do it.  Our partners have been brief as well.

So here are 8 common questions i have been ask over and over again.  If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact me or email me at or check out my Facebook page at LifePlanners Singapore.





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