Just imagine this, you are 70 years old, Buddhist and you have 3 children, 2 Sons and 1 daughter  You got to know Jesus and accepted him a week in front of  daughter, however, all along you wanted to have a Buddhist Funeral because your spouse is also a Buddhist so you went to talk to your 2 sons and tell them without telling your daughter.  Suddenly, you had a stroke this morning and died on the way to the hospital.  Your children were notified by the police and they went to the mortuary to identify you and the funeral director is activated by your son.

At the mortuary, the funeral director approach your son to ask which religion of funeral do you want to hold, your son told the funeral director Buddhist.  Remember your daughter did not know anything about it.  The funeral director comes along with a Buddhist funeral brochure and show it to your 3 children when suddenly your daughter said this: ” Mum/Dad accepted Jesus last week, it should be a christian funeral.” Both of your sons look at each other and said: ” No Mum/Dad wanted a Buddhist funeral all along and nothing was mentioned about a christian funeral.”   Then a mini argument started.   Little did they know that your Soul is watching this drama unfold.

At the wake, your daughter is sitting one corner refusing to participate in anything as she was upset with the argument with her brothers and your passing.   For the next few days, she sat quietly in one corner refusing to even attend to anyone when suddenly, your brother who is still alive got angry and scolded her for being disrespectful and unfilial.  Your daughter got angry with the comments made and another argument started.  All these happen while you were watching and they do not know you are around.

At your funeral, your 2 sons have a disagreement because both of them do not know what exactly you wanted and suddenly and argument escalated into a fist fight minutes before the monk starts chanting.   All these once again happens while you were watching and no one know you are around.

After your funeral, its time to divide your remaining assets into 3 parts however, each one feels they should get a bigger share because you love one of them more than the other.  One argument let to another and then all 3 decided to go to court to settle this matter.  All these while you were watching and they do not know.

Has this ever happen before.  Yes, this happens quite often.   In fact this story is nothing compared to many high profile disputes that you get to see in the newspapers.   Why it is so?   Only 1 reason why these happens.   There is no will done or the will is not done up properly and in order.   How can we prevent all fighting and arguments from happening.   Its all about planning.   Writing a Will is part of planning as well.  I am not saying that after you write a will, arguments will stop, fighing will stop.  It will still happen however, it can be minimise.

Planning is not just about buying a casket, buying a niche or planning for a funeral or even just writing a will.   Writing a will is never a easy task as it takes time also and it takes a person who is willing to sit down and see what is best for you and make sure that your decision is carried out in a lawful and orderly manner.

Call me to find out more about how you can write your will and plan for your estate.  I always emphasize that planning is not just about buying what you want before hand but looking to every aspect of what you really want first.   You have a choice to choose and a choice to decide.   Why not give yourself a chance to choose and leave that legacy behind for your love ones to enjoy.   A good legacy brings families together.   No legacy breaks family’s apart.  I am very sure no one wants to see families break up because of money or decisions we make.

Call me to at 98668642 to find out more about planning.  Good day!










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