What if today the government announce in parliament that GST will rise from 7 to 9% and inflation rate has gone up to 2%?  Will that happen many people ask.  Its hard to say as times of uncertainty is right ahead of us.   A month ago, our Prime Minister commented that our economy  is slowing down but not in a “crisis” yet.  When will the next economy crisis happen no one knows.   Its all about 1 thing.  uncertainty.   However what if today i tell you that there is something that is guaranteed.  All you need to do is to pay today and you don’t have to worry about what is happening tomorrow or 5 to 10 years down the road.  No worries of increase in GST, no worries about increase in prices, no worries about crisis.  Let worry, worry itself.  Less things to worry the better, less worry means you lead a happier life and happier life leads to longer life.

Death is a morbit subject that not many ones to talk about.  However, death is something you can never escape.  Everyone will have to die someday, somehow.  My mum always tell me.  “Its not how you die or the way you die.  Its how the living have to cope with your death.  Its how many things that needs to be done after your death.”

2 years ago, my grandmother passed away from a sudden heart attack at home.  All of us were in shock as it happen within minutes.  It happen on my father’s birthday as well and we had to deal with my aunt passing 2 weeks before.   I would not say its the worse case scenario but it took a big hit on us especially when we have to deal with 2 deaths in a month and a death on a birthday celebration.  We had to scramble hard to figure out what needs to be done.   It took us a few days to come to terms with her passing but we were super relieved at the same time that she did plan for her final journey and her final resting place.   She made her Will as well.  The whole process of the whole episode was a a bitter sweet moment for all of us.  Bitter for her sudden passing but sweet that she made the effort to plan for herself and for us as well.  She left behind a huge legacy for us.  A legacy of love and comfort.

I did not understand much about planning 2 years back when my grandma passed away but after working in the funeral industry after her passing, it open my eyes to planning vs not planning.   On my next blog, i will share on more about planning vs not planning.   However should you decide to take that very step and say ” Gabriel i want to talk to you more about planning, i want to find out more about pre-planning.  I want to leave a legacy behind.  I do not want my loved ones to go through so much after i pass away.”  I am always around to talk to you.  Call me at 98668642 and i will be answering your questions.   Leaving a legacy of love after you die is not scary.  Leaving without any legacy and a mountain of “what ifs, how and what is my next step” and a mountain of debt is something scary.   My only hope is you can think hard about it and have a choice to choose rather than you have Zero Choice to choose.   Have a great day ahead.


*dedicated to my popo (grandma) who passed away in April 2014.  Your legacy leaves on till today with lots of love from us*











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