Hi all,

Once again, thank you for dropping by again.  So today i am going to explain what Pre-planning is all about and why is it important to pre-plan.

Many of you by now have heard more or less about what end of life planning or pre-plan is all about.  Put it simply, its planning the final stage of a person’s life.  We all go through 4 stages in life. 生,老,病,死 in Chinese.  Basically in English is life, age, sick and death.   Usually we start buying insurance or make an investment for the following 3   生,老,病. However we prefer to leave out the last stage of our life due to superstition, morbid subject or we just do not wish to talk about it.   As much as possible we can avoid it we avoid.  HOWEVER, fact of life is we someone at a stage of our life, we will have to face death.

We always say “Aiya, buy insurance already, got cover death mah.  Why need to plan somemore?”   Ladies and Gentlemen, i got news for you.   YES! insurance covers death but when you die, do you have a choice to choose, how you want your money to be distributed?  Do you have a choice to choose what kind of funeral you want?  Do you have a choice to make your final wishes to your family?   May i ask you.  if given a choice to choose.  if there  is 2 piece of bread left for you to eat and you are extremely hungry, would you take just 1 bread or both bread?  Planning enable you to have the power choice.   The power to choose what you want to do with your investments and insurance payout, the power to sit down and customise your own final journey and even the power to pay for your funeral to ease the pressure of your loved ones.   I will put it as planning is the final love gift to your family and your loved ones.

As a former funeral director, i see a fair share of unhappiness and fights during wakes, funerals and even after the funeral.  Even as a 9 year old boy, i witness how my father and my aunt relationship turn sour due to a huge argument during funeral day.  Some 25 years later, they are still not talking at all.  The main reason behind all these fights and arguments is due to 1 thing.   Failure to plan which lead to stress and lots of anxiety among family members and loved ones.   So here are the benefits of planning.

  • Empowered to have the power to choose
  • Leave a legacy not a mountain of debt
  • Able to pay for what you want
  • Able to make final decisions and reduce conflict among surviving love ones
  • Lessen burden for of rising cost

Next most important question is where do i come in?   Anytime so long as you have an open mindset, i will sit down with you, step by step guide you.  Work on your budget and buy what is needed for your last journey when you are ready at any point of time. Most importantly i want you or your love one to mourn in peace  rather than thinking what is next.  All these takes time.

I have a team of committed individuals whom i know very well to help you along the way.  From funeral directors, to insurance agents to will writers and people who will just sit down and just be there for you and your loved ones.

I hope i have given you a better understanding on the importance of planning.   Should you have any questions, please contact me at my number at 98668642 at any point of time and i am willing to sit down and explain to you again on a more personal basis.

Once again, thank you very much for your time and the next article will be on why is it important plan in a very detailed manner.   Have a great day ahead!!


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