Hi all,

Finally after weeks of hard work trying to get things done, i would like to say welcome and thank you for your long wait to see this page up.   I know some of you have already know what i am doing but for the rest of you, let me just briefly introduce myself and what i am doing.

Once again, thank you all for taking time to come over.  My name is Murdoch Gabriel and i am 33 years old, father of 4 beautiful kids.  I just left my job as an Auxiliary police officer job and decided to come into the funeral industry setting up my business in this industry.

Many will ask if i have experience in this industry as its not a normal industry to get into.   The answer is “YES”.   Before taking a year and a half off to be a Auxiliary Police Officer, i was a funeral director in one of the major companies in Singapore.  So rest assurance i know my stuff and i do have a good team and a fantastic wife to support me with this business.

So what am i doing actually, i do more than selling casket and funeral packages.  My main business is to do Life Planning or layman terms as pre-planning.   So what is pre-planning many will ask.   I will not tell you now but i will tell you in my next article on what exactly is pre-planning and you will find out more about what i do.

There is also be articles out at least 2 times a week about pre-planning, why am i a strong believer in planning and lots more.  So please take your time, read and understand why you shoud also start to plan or the last journey in life.

Before i sign off, thank you once again for taking time to know mote about me and understand the importance of planning.   Thank You and Have a great day ahead


Best Regards,

Murdoch Gabriel







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